On the Agile Couch team - 3 experience agile consultants, lectors and coaches. We are all been working in agile environment for number of years and helping various organisations to apply agile mindset and working methods. We are willing to share our knowledge and experience with others. Contact us and we will suggest you how Agile might help you and your company to get more value.

We do have number of various trainings that can offer for your organisation. Perhaps you are just starting your jouerney or you wish your employees to get more knowledge on the Agile theme and get the foundational knowledge about Scrum, Kanban, user stories, estimation, etc.? Perhaps you are interested into specific Product Management trainings or OKRs? Contact us and we will help you to decide which trainings will fit you best.

Contact us and let's discuss - perhaps it is couple of hours trainings or couple of full days, it does not matter until you get the benefit.

do you have some specific challenges while working or trying to work in Agile way? This is natural, everyone has questions and unclear situations. We have quite some experience that might be helpful in your situations and we are eager to share them to help your journey get into the speed. It does not matter if you are just planning your agile journey or you are already experienced user - we will help to get benefits faster.

We can answer your questions, share good working practices, prepare material for the successful agile journey or if needed we can even join you for a loger period to be part with the change and travel together with you. We are interested in the best outcomes for you, therefore happy to help!



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